What is IoT? Willing to implement IoT in your business? Want to know how IoT can improve your business?

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Here, in this blog, you will get all such answers. Let’s start!

technology that has revolutionized the world with its ability to connect physical assets to the internet is the Internet of Things!

Before moving ahead, let’s look at some stats and facts about IoT:

IoT development spending will reach 1.2 trillion dollars by 2022. (International Data Corporation)
Cisco estimates that they will create 847 zettabytes per year by 2021.
IoT could generate 1.2 trillion dollars worldwide through enhanced productivity.
More than half of the new businesses will run on the Internet of Things by 2020

Introduction to IoT
Internet of Things is basically a hub of physical devices that are connected through the internet. Moreover, these devices can gather and share data across a network. In simple words, IoT can be defined as a term used to talk about all the objects connected to the internet.

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