EncroChat takedown led to 6,500 arrests and $979 million seized

From bleepingcomputer.com

Europol announced today that the takedown of the EncroChat encrypted mobile communications platform has led to the arrest of over 6,600 people and the seizure of $979 million in illicit funds.

EncroChat phones ran a special, hardened version of Android that promised users unbreakable encryption, anonymity, and no traceability.

The service also provided message self-destruction features, panic device wipe, tamper-proofing booting, and a brute force resistant FIPS 140-2 certified hardware cryptographic engine.

These features were valued by criminals who wanted to communicate securely, so tens of thousands paid €1,500 ($1,635) for a six-month subscription with global coverage and 24/7 support.

The EncroChat phones themselves were sold for a one-time payment of €1,000 ($1,090) and were remotely erasable if needed.

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