World Password Day : Online passwords as a security risk


Password prompt on a laptop computer.

New Password Manager from Panda Security helps people protect their online passwords and personal information more securely.

World Password Day is an opportunity, as it is every year, to recall that the password is still very important for online authentication, but that it has also and above all become the weakest link in terms of cybersecurity.

Panda Security, the multinational cybersecurity company, today launches its new Password Manager feature, within its Panda Dome protection platformPanda Dome Passwords helps people protect their online passwords more securely, simplifying the process by requiring only one master password.

Our internet connected devices increasingly hold sensitive and confidential information, guarded by online passwords. These passwords need to be complex in their make-up, changed regularly for maximum security and stored securely,” comments Hervé Lambert, Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security. “Unfortunately following these three steps can be difficult but our new feature, Panda Dome Passwords, solves this. Part of the Panda Dome antivirus solution, you can be confident passwords and sensitive information are protected.

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