Remote Workers Failing on Password Security During #COVID19 Crisis


Remote workers may be exposing their personal and business accounts to the risk of takeover because of poor password security, according to new studies released on World Password Day.

The annual event exists to remind users of the importance of using strong, unique credentials – ideally in combination with multi-factor authentication (MFA) – and storing them securely.

It’s particularly important in the context of today’s highly distributed workforces, which are under lockdown at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, a global OneLogin study of 5000 remote employees from Germany, France, the UK, Ireland and the US found that nearly a fifth (17%) share their work device password with a spouse or child. Over a third (36%) admitted not having changed their home Wi-Fi password in over a year.

This figure rose to 50% in the UK, with the same number of Brits not having changed their device password since they started remote working.

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