Who Hijacked Google’s Web Traffic?

From  bankinfosecurity.com

Who Hijacked Google's Web Traffic?
A routing change directed traffic bound for Google through Nigeria, Russia and China on Nov. 12. (Source: ThousandEyes)

Google says it is investigating an unorthodox routing of internet traffic that on Monday sent traffic bound for its cloud services instead to internet service providers in Nigeria, Russia and China.

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The routing problems persisted for about two hours before they were fixed, says Alex Henthorn-Iwane, vice president of product marketing for the security company ThousandEyes.

The fact that it affected such a large swath of Google’s networks makes it unlikely the routing was simply an error, especially since it involved network providers within Russia and China, Henthorn-Iwane says.

“It’s not a mistake,” Henthorn-Iwane says. “There’s nothing about this that suggests that this was a mistake.”

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