Beware !! Worlds Most Active Malware Emotet Launching New Campaign With Malicious Word and PDF Attachments


Threat actors now launching a new malicious spam campaign since November 5 since then actively spike to target corporate network and individuals.

Emotet banking malware is continually spreading since 2017 and it is one of the costly banking trojans and currently it spreading via large spam campaign.

It has various advance future and persistence techniques along with self-spreading capabilities to harvesting the Email and banking credentials.

Emotet malware activities spike keep increasing Since Nov 5 and the campaign appears to be most active in the Americas, the UK, Turkey, and South Africa.

The new malware campaign emerged again with a new module that capable of exfiltrating email content and send back to the attackers.

The US-Cert team already issued an alert for an advanced Emotet malware attack that targets governments, private and public sectors in the most destructive way to steal various sensitive information.

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