What is Freeiphone.info ads?

From 2-spyware.com

Freeiphone.info ads

The intrusive notifications appear on the screen, and all those redirects, Freeiphone.info ads, and banners keep users from accessing common content. The infection is not considered a virus, but annoying and intrusive features may frustrate users. The site is trying to trick you into subscribing to the push notification from other sites or sponsored pages. Spamming can directly affect the speed and performance of the machine.

This is a universal threat because those notifications and Freeiphone.info ads can appear on computers, macOS devices, Windows machines, and even mobile phones. Fake messages, robot captcha verification, other messages, and alerts try to encourage people to interact with the site. Any clicks on the page or pop-ups cause redirects and pop-ups, counts as agreement to the additional notifications.

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