Hackers deface Ukrainian government websites

From malware.news


Hackers have defaced multiple websites belonging to the Ukrainian government after talks between Ukrainian, US, and Russian officials hit a dead end on Thursday.

The attack took place on the night between January 13 and January 14 and impacted the websites of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defense, the State Emergency Service, the website for the Cabinet of Ministers, and others.

All websites were wiped, and their content was replaced with the same statement published in Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish (image at the top of this article, a rough translation below, archived copy here).

Ukrainian! All your personal data has been sent to a public network. All data on your computer is destroyed and cannot be recovered. All information about you stab (public, fairy tale and wait for the worst. It is for you for your past, the future and the future. For Volhynia, OUN UPA, Galicia, Poland and historical areas.

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