USB drives are primary vector for destructive threats to industrial facilities


USB removable storage devices are the main vector for malware attacks against industrial facilities, states Honeywell report.

According to a report published on by Honeywell, malware-based attacks against industrial facilities mostly leverage USB removable storage devices

Experts from Honeywell analyzed data collected with the Secure Media Exchange (SMX), a product it has launched in 2017 and that was designed to protect industrial facilities from USB-borne threats.

industrial facilities usb attacks

The experts analyzed attacks against energy, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, and other sectors, they collected data from 50 locations in four continents.

In 44% of the analyzed locations, the SMX product had blocked at least one suspicious file, experts pointed out that of the neutralized threats, 26% could have caused major disruptions to ICS systems.

“While the volume of malware discovered in this research was small relative to the total sample size volume, the malware potency was significant.” states the report.

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