UAE’s Etihad Airways, MBZUAI to unleash AI revolution in aviation sector


The UAE’s national airline Etihad Airways and Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) will jointly develop initiatives and conduct research into how AI could transform key aspects of the nation’s integral aviation sector.

Under the partnership, MBZUAI and Etihad Airways will be cooking up joint training programmes and digging into research opportunities. The two organisations will also launch a flurry of seminars, workshops, and conferences that will explore the electrifying possibilities of AI in aviation.

The MoU guarantees training opportunities for MBZUAI students, a golden ticket to deepen their understanding of the aviation industry and unlock the hidden potential of AI to conquer its challenges. Etihad Airways and MBZUAI will also engage in scientific research and exchange invaluable expertise.

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