Twitter “Account Analysis” in R


twitter account analysis header

This past week @propublica linked to a really spiffy resource for getting an overview of a Twitter user’s profile and activity called accountanalysis. It has a beautiful interface that works as well on mobile as it does in a real browser. It also is fully interactive and supports cross-filtering (zoom in on the timeline and the other graphs change). It’s especially great if you’re not a coder, but if you are, @kearneymw’s {rtweet} can get you all this info and more, putting the power of R behind data frames full of tweet inanity.

While we covered quite a bit of {rtweet} ground in the 21 Recipes book, summarizing an account to the degree that accountanalysis does is not in there. To rectify this oversight, I threw together a static clone of accountanalysis that can make standalone HTML reports like this one.

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