TProxer: Burp Suite extension to find reverse proxy path based SSRF


How it works

  • Attempts to gain access to internal APIs or files through a path-based SSRF attack. For instance we try the payload /..;/..;/..;/..;/  hoping for a 400 Bad Request:
  • Then the Algorithm tries to find the potential internal API root with:;/..;/..;/ hoping for a 404 Not Found
  • Then, we try to discover content, if anything is found it performs an additional test to see if it’s 100% internal and worth investigating.
  • Supports manual activation through a context menu.
  • Payloads are supplied by the user under a dedicated tab, default values are stored under query payloads.txt
  • You can also select your own wordlist
  • Issues are added under the Issue Activity tab.

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