Control-Search browser hijacker (fake) – Free Instructions



Control-Search is a browser hijacker that changes the main settings, like the homepage, new tab address, and search engine. It may also monitor user activity with the help of cookies. Such applications are created for the purpose of generating revenue[1] so the creators do not really care about user privacy or security.

The plugin might also lead users to dangerous pages that can trick them into providing their personal information, downloading PUPs (potentially unwanted programs),[2] and malware. Users might encounter pop-ups, banners, or promotional links injected in the results. These can be placed by rogue advertising networks.

Browser hijackers are often promoted as having useful functions that are not available on a default browser but as you might have already guessed – they are completely useless. If you think you are affected by a hijacker, you should take action immediately. Although hijackers are not considered to be malicious, they can lead to quite serious problems.

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