To Fight Cyber Extortion and Ransomware, Shift Left


Ransomware is a ‘noisy’ threat. When it hits, there’s no hiding it: attackers lock up systems and issue explicit instructions about what organizations need to do—and pay—to set their data and devices free.

That’s why most bad actors engage in cyber extortion only once they’re ready to be exposed, after they’ve already achieved other malicious goals such as exfiltrating data, setting up clandestine command and control structures, or selling access to other parties.

Knowing this, many organizations are “shifting left” when it comes to cybersecurity: taking steps earlier in the threat lifecycle to prevent attacks, and implementing measures to detect breaches before they cause extensive harm. This two-pronged ‘secure and defend’ approach is essential to the mitigation stage of the detect, assess and mitigate cybersecurity cycle.

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