Microsoft Warns of New Russian State-Sponsored Hacker Group with Destructive Intent


Microsoft on Wednesday took the lid off a “novel and distinct Russian threat actor,” which it said is linked to the General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and has a “relatively low success rate.”

The tech giant’s Threat Intelligence team, which was previously tracking the group under its emerging moniker DEV-0586, has graduated it to a named actor dubbed Cadet Blizzard.

“Cadet Blizzard seeks to conduct disruption, destruction, and information collection, using whatever means are available and sometimes acting in a haphazard fashion,” the company said.

“While the group carries high risk due to their destructive activity, they appear to operate with a lower degree of operational security than that of longstanding and advanced Russian groups such as Seashell Blizzard and Forest Blizzard.”

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