The number of ransomware attacks targeting Finland increased fourfold since it started the process to join NATO


The number of ransomware attacks targeting Finland has increased fourfold since the country began the process of joining NATO in 2023.

The news was reported by Recorded Future News which interviewed Sauli Pahlman, the deputy director general for Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Finnish officials believe that the surge in the number of attacks is politically motivated.

Vladimir Putin issued multiple warnings that Russia would respond in kind if Nato set up military infrastructure in Finland after they joined the alliance.

In June, the Finnish government expelled nine diplomats from the Russian embassy in Helsinki and accused them of cyber espionage for Moscow.

In October 2022, the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Suojelupoliisi or SUPOwarned of a highly likely intensification of cyberespionage activities conducted by Russia-linked threat actors over the winter.

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