Android automated SOS feature is causing serious problems


Wth every new software update, smartphone manufacturers are looking for ways to make our lives easier, more efficient and safer. So when Google released a new Android feature to automate calls to the emergency services, it was expected to be a massive success. But reports from UK police suggests that the Emergency SOS function is actually a serious problem.

What is the Emergency SOS feature?

In an emergency, the faster you can contact emergency services, the better. To make the call, you normally have to unlock your handset, open the phone app and then dial a three digit number (911 in the US, 999 in the UK or 112 in Europe) to speak to an operator.

Most of us can complete this process very quickly, but every second counts in an emergency. And what happens if you are trapped or injured and cannot do all these steps?

So Android’s developers decided they could make the process much quicker and easier with the Emergency SOS feature. When enabled, users can call the emergency services just by pressing the power button multiple times. There’s no need to unlock the phone or dial a number – just press a single button.

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