Sharing your business’s data with ChatGPT: How risky is it?


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As a natural language processing model, ChatGPT – and other similar machine learning-based language models – is trained on huge amounts of textual data. Processing all this data, ChatGPT can produce written responses that sound like they come from a real human being.

ChatGPT learns from the data it ingests. If this information includes your sensitive business data, then sharing it with ChatGPT could potentially be risky and lead to cybersecurity concerns.

For example, what if you feed ChatGPT pre-earnings company financial information, company proprietary software codeor materials used for internal presentations without realizing that practically anybody could obtain that sensitive information just by asking ChatGPT about it? If you use your smartphone to engage with ChatGPT, then a smartphone security breach could be all it takes to access your ChatGPT query history.

In light of these implications, let’s discuss if – and how – ChatGPT stores its users’ input data, as well as potential risks you may face when sharing sensitive business data with ChatGPT.

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