Security Budgets to See 2021 Increases, Survey Finds


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Last year saw a tremendous shift in security priorities following enterprises’ response to the pandemic. The good news is, business leadership is now paying more attention to information security. The bad news is, enterprise security teams have a lot of work ahead.

According to a survey conducted by IDG on behalf of integration services provider Insight Enterprises, the shift to protect remote workers forced many organizations to back-burner their longer-term security initiatives.

The survey polled 213 users at organizations with 1,500 or more employees, representing a cross-section of vertical industries. In the effort to protect their suddenly-larger population of remote workers, the majority of companies shifted their focus to a handful of initiatives to better protect those workers, according to the survey. These initiatives included threat visibility/identification (73%), incident response (70%), network security (68%), endpoint security (67%), application security (67%), malware protection (64%) and identity and access management (55%).

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