SAS 2019: Gaza Cybergang Blends Sophistication Levels in Highly Effective Spy Effort


SINGAPORE — Around 240 high-profile victims in 39 countries worldwide have become victims of an APT cyber-espionage attack, led by an organization dubbed the Gaza Cybergang that comprises several groups of varying sophistication.

The victims, who were all targeted last year, include political, diplomatic, media and activist entities, according to Kaspersky Lab research presented at the Security Analyst Summit (SAS) 2019 this week in Singapore. They all shared one thing in common: An interest in Middle-Eastern politics.

“The Gaza Cybergang is an Arabic speaking, politically motivated collective of interrelated threat groups actively targeting the Middle East and North Africa, with a particular focus on the Palestinian Territories,” the firm said in an analysis shared with Threatpost ahead of a presentation on it at the show. “Kaspersky Lab has identified at least three groups within the gang, with similar aims and targets – cyberespionage related to Middle Eastern political interests – but very different tools, techniques and levels of sophistication. There is an element of sharing and overlap between them.”

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