IoT threats: Explosion of ‘smart’ devices filling up homes leads to increasing risks


How many insecure devices or “things” in your home connect to the Internet? How will you protect them all?

The pace that “things” are being connected is blistering. Cisco projects that beyond smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the average person in North America will have 14 networked devices by 2020. A Western European will have nine.

Personal assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, show the explosive growth possible for connected devices. The category barely existed in 2015. By 2018, these devices could be found in nearly a quarter of American homes and 12% for European families.

This massive amount of computing power accumulating in home is proving to be an attractive lure for criminals.

IoT Threat Landscape: Old Hacks, New Devices, a new report from F-Secure, finds that 2018 may be the turning point. The threats targeting vulnerable IoT devices can no longer be ignored, especially by those consumers count on for internet access.

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