Researchers Found Flaws in Telegram’s Cryptographic Protocol


Researchers Found Flaws in Telegram's Cryptographic Protocol

Security researchers identified flaws in messaging app Telegram’s cryptographic protocol, MTProto, that enabled intruders to access encrypted chats and alter the messages. Those flaws have since been patched in updates.

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An academic study from researchers at University of London, Royal Holloway, and Applied Cryptography Group at research university ETH Zurich, states that Telegram’s MTProto, which provides end-to-end encryption for messages sent over the platform, was susceptible to hacking via four cryptographic vulnerabilities.

These flaws could have enabled attackers to alter the sequences of the messages sent, identify encrypted messages of a client or a server, recover some plaintext from encrypted messages and wage man-in-the-middle attacks to impersonate the server to the client.

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