Researchers Discover New Sophisticated Toolkit Targeting Apple macOS Systems


Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a set of malicious artifacts that they say is part of a sophisticated toolkit targeting Apple macOS systems.

“As of now, these samples are still largely undetected and very little information is available about any of them,” Bitdefender researchers Andrei Lapusneanu and Bogdan Botezatu said in a preliminary report published on Friday.

The Romanian firm’s analysis is based on an examination of four samples that were uploaded to VirusTotal by an unnamed victim. The earliest sample dates back to April 18, 2023.

Two of the three malicious programs are said to be generic Python-based backdoors that are designed to target Windows, Linux, and macOS systems. The payloads have been collectively dubbed JokerSpy.

The first constituent is shared.dat, which, once launched, runs an operating system check (0 for Windows, 1 for macOS, and 2 for Linux) and establishes contact with a remote server to fetch additional instructions for execution.

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