Remove SWP ransomware (Virus Removal Guide) – Recovery Instructions Included


SWP ransomware

SWP ransomware is a computer virus that’s made with the sole purpose in mind – money extorsion. When this virus gets access to a computer it immediately encrypts all non-system files and appends an elaborate three-part extension to all data (see extension details in the table below). All encrypted data is inaccessible until decoded.

Afterward, SWP ransomware virus creates two types of ransom notes on the infected computer. One as a pop-up window, the other ones as text files (FILES ENCRYPTED.txt). Since this virus belongs to the Dharma ransomware family, the ransom notes are pretty much identical to its previous versions like DexKutSss. Messages in the text file ransom note are very short and are comprised of two emails (,

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