Qualys Top 20 Exploited Vulnerabilities

From blog.qualys.com

The earlier blog posts showcased an overview of the vulnerability threat landscape that is either remotely exploited or most targeted by attackers. A quick recap – We focused on high-risk vulnerabilities that can be remotely exploited with or without authentication, and with the view on the time to CISA being down to 8 days, the most vulnerabilities targeted by threat actors, malware & ransomware.

This blog post will focus on Qualys’ Top Twenty Vulnerabilities, targeted by threat actors, malware, and ransomware, with recent trending/sightings observed in the last few years and the current year.

Some of these vulnerabilities are part of the recent CISA Joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA), published on 3rd August; you can access it from 2022 Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities.

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