OceanLotus APT Hackers Group using Steganography to Launch an Encrypted Malware Payload via .png Image File

From gbhackers.com


A Well-known APT Group OceanLotus leveraging a steganography method to hide the encrypted malware payload within a .png image file to infect the targeted system.

OceanLotus group known for Multiple attack campaigns around the globe, the threat actor group targets private sectors across multiple industries, foreign governments.

Steganography, a method used by attackers to hide the malicious code within the image that is mainly employed by exploit kits to hide the malvertising traffic.

Attackers using 2 different backdoors within this campaign, both are distributing the via encrypted and an obfuscated loader .

In order to increase the infection success ratio, APT Groups are heavily investing to develop the highly sophisticated hacking tools.

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