Ghidra SRE: The AZORult Field Test



One of the most anticipated moments in the infosec community during the last few months was, with no doubt, the Ghidra public release. On the 5th of March, at the RSA conference, Ghidra has been presented to the public revealing the inner details of the Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) framework that National Security Agency used for more than a decade.

Its release was a sort of “main event” for security researchers all around the globe, which immediately started exploring its functionalities to find out its place within the reversing tool panorama. Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB team also decided to play around with it, but this time using a real case study, AZORult: one of the most active threats spreading nowadays, always using new methodologies to avoid detection. For this reason a recent AZORult sample has been chosen to field-test the NSA reverse engineering tool.

Technical Analysis

Size809 KB

The sample is a PE32 file apparently coded in Visual C++, containing references to major IT companies in its metadata fields like Google and Amazon.

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