NetSet v1.1.0 releases: Operational Security utility and Automator



Operational Security utility and Automator.

NetSet is designed to automate a number of operations that will help the user with securing their network traffic. It also provides an easy way to gather proxies and run utilities through Tor.

All the utilities installed and used by NetSet will be automatically configured as well. Of course, the tool itself isn’t the be-all of Operational Security. Rather it is a convenient way of getting yourself set up with the basics.

NetSet facilitates, among other things;

A terminal multiplexer on demand, that has its sessions routed through Tor. Secured DNS traffic through automatic installation and configuration of DNSCrypt-proxy. Tor Wall functionality that forces all traffic through the Tor Network. Easy access to online OPSEC resources, the web resources in question can be opened in-script and more.

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