National Cybersecurity Strategy: Disrupting and Dismantling Threat Actors Will Not Come Easy


Continuing a review of the new National Cybersecurity Strategy, today I look at the second pillar, Disrupt and Dismantle Threat Actors. It’s heavy on collaboration, information sharing, and integrated response, and lays out five objectives that, on the surface, make sense: 

  1. Integrate Federal Disruption Activities
  2. Enhance Public-Private Operational Collaboration to Disrupt Adversaries
  3. Increase the Speed and Scale of Intelligence Sharing and Victim Notification
  4. Prevent Abuse of U.S.-Based Infrastructure
  5. Counter Cybercrime, Defeat Ransomware

However, reading through the specifics of the five objectives, I see major challenges in achieving some of these. I’ll only address a few underlying issues in order to keep this more manageable.

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