metarget: framework providing automatic constructions of vulnerable infrastructure


vulnerable infrastructures

During security researches, we might find that the deployment of a vulnerable environment often takes much time, while the time spent on testing PoC or ExP is comparatively short. In the field of cloud-native security, thanks to the complexity of cloud-native systems, this issue is more terrible.

There are already some excellent security projects like VulhubVulApps in the open-source community, which pack vulnerable scenes into container images, so that researchers could utilize them and deploy scenes quickly.

However, these projects mainly focus on vulnerabilities in applications. What if we need to study the vulnerabilities in the infrastructures like Docker, Kubernetes, and even Linux kernel?

Hence, we develop Metarget and hope to solve the deployment issue above to some extent. Furthermore, we also expect that Metarget could help to construct multilayer vulnerable cloud-native scenes automatically.

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