Machine Learning Tutorials Repository – Unlocking The Power Of AI Learning


Welcome to the Machine Learning Tutorials Repository! This is the go-to spot for all the code associated with my Twitter tutorials.

If you’re passionate about diving deep into the realms of Machine Learning and exploring various topics, you’re in the right place!

Topics Covered

  1. Python: The core language for almost all things Machine Learning.
  2. Computer Vision: Techniques, algorithms, and methods to give machines the ability to see and interpret visual data.
  3. NLP (Natural Language Processing): Delve into the world of words and understand how machines can comprehend, interpret, and respond to human languages.
  4. Matplotlib: Visualize your data and results with one of the most popular plotting libraries.
  5. NumPy: Master the art of numerical computing with Python.
  6. Pandas: The ultimate tool for data analysis in Python.
  7. MLOps: Learn about the best practices, tools, and services to manage end-to-end ML lifecycle.
  8. LLMs (Large Language Models): Dive deep into state-of-the-art models that understand and generate human-like text.
  9. PyTorch/TensorFlow: Get to grips with the two dominant deep learning frameworks.

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