Attackers Using Obfuscation Tools to Deliver Multi-Stage Malware via Invoice Phishing


Cybersecurity researchers have discovered an intricate multi-stage attack that leverages invoice-themed phishing decoys to deliver a wide range of malware such as Venom RAT, Remcos RAT, XWorm, NanoCore RAT, and a stealer that targets crypto wallets.

The email messages come with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file attachments that, when clicked, activate the infection sequence, Fortinet FortiGuard Labs said in a technical report.

The modus operandi is notable for the use of the BatCloak malware obfuscation engine and ScrubCrypt to deliver the malware in the form of obfuscated batch scripts.

BatCloak, offered for sale to other threat actors since late 2022, has its foundations in another tool called Jlaive. Its primary feature is to load a next-stage payload in a manner that circumvents traditional detection mechanisms.

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