Louisiana: In Emergency Due to Attack ransomware!

From en.secnews.gr


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the area is in an emergency, as he was the victim of a series of attacks ransomware. Specifically, ransomware targeted some school communities.

The attacks took place this week and influenced the three-county school communities in Northern Louisiana.

According to local media, networks information technology all three schools are out of order and all archives they have been encrypted from the ransomware, making them inaccessible.

This is not the first time that a state governor announces that the state is in a state of emergency due to a ransomware attack or some other online attack. In February of 2018, the Colorado Department of Transportation was forced to discontinue its work as it was hit by SamSam ransomware. However, in the case of Colorado additional state resources have been activated to address issues such as traffic, street management and transport. In the current attack, in Louisiana, assistance was sought from experts in its field security in cyberspace.

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