iPhone counterfeiting case highlights risks of supply/support chain manipulation

From csoonline.com

The sentencing of Haiteng Wu on February 2, 2022, for his participation in a three-plus-year conspiracy to defraud Apple out of just over $1.5 million shines the light on criminals who operate in the margins of warranty fulfillment of consumer products, such as the iPhone. All in, the criminals were able to garner 2,500 new iPhones for subsequent resale and had attempted to acquire 600 more but failed due to Apple quality control rejecting the warranty submission.

Wu graduated from the master’s program at Virginia Tech in 2015. He secured a position as an architectural engineer shortly thereafter. He also embarked on creating, evolving and growing a criminal enterprise that netted him $987,000, allowing him to pay cash for two condos (McLean and Arlington, Virginia).

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