If you hear this phrase, turn off the phone immediately

From e-radio.gr

A new telephone fraud spreads to Europe, a victim of which has already fallen thousands of people in the US. Authorities are on the alert and warn citizens.

Fraud is simple: You are called from a local number. Then your interlocutor informs you that the call is being recorded and tells you his name and company.

Immediately afterwards, he asks: “Are you listening to me?”.

If you ask this question, call the phone immediately, because if you answer “yes,” then you are in danger of the recording being mounted and the company bind you with a voice contract, corresponding to the “We agree” to “click” at the end of the Terms of Use of a Program on our computer.

The scammers using this method try to charge their victims for services and products and then threaten to use Justice, as they have the recorded conversation in their hands.

Indeed, in the US there have been recorded cases where crooks use the voice recorder of the victim to issue credit cards!