Credit card details worth nearly $3.5 million put up for sale on hacking forum


Card details of 2.15 million Americans advertised in a separate forum ad.

Cyber-criminals have put up for sale three large collections of payment card “dumps” this past month, ZDNet has learned.

“Dumps” is a term used in the cyber-security industry to describe caches of stolen payment card details that are released or put up for sale. Cyber-criminals buy these “dumps” to create cloned cards to later withdraw money from the real owners’ bank accounts via mass ATM withdrawals.

All three card dumps were released on Joker’s Stash, the most notorious and well-known underground marketplace for selling stolen credit card dumps.

Of the three dumps that ZDNet learned about this week, two contain the card details of Pakistani users. The two weren’t extremely large releases, but contained never-before-released, complete, and highly accurate payment card information, making them very valuable for buyers.

According to a non-public report shared with ZDNet by Russian cyber-security firm Group-IB, the two dumps collectively contained the card details of 69,189 Pakistani bank customers.

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