Hackers Are Using AI For Cyberattacks. How Can We Stop Them?

From gbhackers.com

The use of AI has greatly increased over the past few months, with programs like ChatGPT and Bing AI making the technology freely available to all.

It has been used to create beautiful works of art and poetry and for more sinister purposes. Cybersecurity experts must be aware of these growing threats and how to counter them.

How Can AI Be Used For Cyberattacks?

The most common method is using AI to generate malicious programming code that can disrupt systems and potentially steal data.

In times past, these amateur hackers had to rely on the dark web for their prewritten scripts.

Now, with some skillful manipulation, any public AI bot can do it in seconds, although it isn’t guaranteed that the code will work.

However, it can pose a severe threat to systems, companies, and individuals if it does.

Malicious AI can also generate voice duplicates like a grandparent receiving a phone call and hearing what sounds like the voice of their grandchild saying they’ve been kidnapped and held for ransom.

It has also been used to imitate the voices of CEOs, demanding that their accounting departments transfer funds to offshore bank accounts.

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