Hacker steals $4.5 million from Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange

From zdnet.com

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A mysterious hacker (or group of hackers) managed to steal over $4.5 million worth of cryptocurrency from Bitrue, a Singapore-based trading platform.

The hacker stole 9.3 million Ripple (XRP) coins and 2.5 million Cardano (ADA) coins, worth $4.25 million and $225,000, respectively.

Admins admitted to the hack, in a statement posted on the company’s Twitter account and Telegram channel.

Per Bitrue’s statement, administrators detected the hack and immediately shut down trading on their platform, putting the site in maintenance mode while they investigated what was happening.

The exchange’s website is still down at the time of writing, but the company said it anticipates that it will resume trading “within a few hours,” according to an update posted on the same social media channels minutes before this article’s publication.

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