h8mail: Email OSINT and password breach hunting

From securityonline.info


Email OSINT and password finder.
Use h8mail to find passwords through a different breach and reconnaissance services, or the infamous “Breach Compilation” torrent.


  • ? Email pattern matching (regexp), useful for all those raw HTML files
  • ? Small and fast Alpine Dockerfile available
  • ✅ CLI or Bulk file-reading for targeting
  • ? Output to CSV file
  • ➿ Reverse DNS + Open Ports
  • ? CloudFlare rate throttling avoidance
    • Execution flow remains synchronous and throttled according to API usage guidelines written by service providers
  • ? Query and group results from different breach service providers
  • ? Query a local copy of the “Breach Compilation”
  • ? Get related emails
  • ? Delicious colors

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