go_parser: Golang binary parser for IDAPro

From securityonline.info

his master branch is written in Python2 for IDAPython and tested only on IDA7.2/IDA7.0. If you use IDAPython with Python3 and a higher version of IDAPro, please use Python3 Branch for go_parser.

Main Features:

  1. Locate and parse firstmoduledata structure in Go binary file, and make comments for each field;
  2. Locate pclntab(PC Line Table) according to the firstmoduledata and parse it. Then find and parse and recover function names and source file paths in the pclntab. Source file paths will be printed in the output window of IDAPro
  3. Parse strings and string pointers, make comments for each string, and make dref for each string pointer;
  4. According to firstmoduledata, find each type and parse it, make comments for each attribute of type, which will be very convenient for malware researcher to analyze a complex type of data structure definition;
  5. Parse itab(Interface Table).

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