Getting the best possible outcome in ransomware negotiation


Though typically seen as a final measure, 90% of participants from a BigID survey revealed that their company would contemplate paying a ransom if it meant they could recover data and business processes, or recover them faster.

In this Help Net Security interview, Azeem Aleem, MD of UK and Northern Europe at Sygnia, unravels the complexities of ransomware negotiation and highlights the measures that organizations can take to protect themselves against cyber threats.

Can you walk us through a typical ransomware negotiation process? What kinds of strategies do professionals use to negotiate a lower ransom?

If your business is under attack, the threat actor can use it as an opportunity to ‘drip-feed,’ extortions, promising to release data in a staggered approach to ensure they get the most out of their attack. As a result, the business could end up in a perpetual cycle of ransom with the threat actor. This is where we are called to investigate and protect against major ransomware, corporate espionage, financial theft and even nation-state campaigns.

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