From Zombies to Bots: 3 API Security Villains to Avoid


zombie API APIs attacks

Who’s responsible for the security of your development and production environments?

Oftentimes, it’s not the security team alone, but the developers themselves. This trend is unlikely to change in the coming years as cloud-native architecture becomes the primary development methodology, making it harder for security teams to keep up with the scale and pace of DevOps.

APIs, the connective tissue that ties modern applications and services together, are increasingly vulnerable and under attack by cybercriminals. By 2024, it’s predicted that API abuses and related data breaches will nearly double in volume.

While APIs will play a vital role in the future of cloud-native architecture, the potential risk they pose today and in the future is significant. In fact, the number of new API vulnerabilities grew in 2020, with sensitive data exposure ranking as the most common vulnerability.

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