Elfloader – An Architecture-Agnostic ELF File Flattener For Shellcode

From kitploit.com

elfloader is a super simple loader for ELF files that generates a flat in-memory representation of the ELF.

Pair this with Rust and now you can write your shellcode in a proper, safe, high-level language. Any target that LLVM can target can be used, including custom target specifications for really exotic platforms and ABIs. Enjoy using things like u64s on 32-bit systems, bounds checked arrays, drop handling of allocations, etc 🙂

It simply concatenates all LOAD sections together, using zero-padding if there are gaps, into one big flat file.

This file includes zero-initialization of .bss sections, and thus can be used directly as a shellcode payload.

If you don’t want to waste time with fail-open linker scripts, this is probably a great way to go.

This doesn’t handle any relocations, it’s on you to make sure the original ELF is based at the address you want it to be at.

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