Best Free Email Services of 2022 by Vytautas Nemunaitis


4 Top Free Email Providers to Check Out in 2022

There’s a lot to keep an eye on when picking a new email service. How do they deal with spam? Can you organize your emails? Can you use plugins and add-ons? We’ll try to answer each of these questions and more.

Microsoft Outlook: Tried and True

The giant from Redmond offers a free email service that has evolved to what it is over the last 25 years. From Hotmail to Windows Live and ultimately Outlook, this service can stand up to the best of them. It has a clean, intuitive interface for easy navigation and focusing on what’s important. Just clicking on an email gives you additional options, including moving and deleting emails or searching through messages from that particular sender.

You can also take advantage of mail rules with Outlook. This handy feature allows you to move new messages to a specific folder automatically. If you wish, you have the option to categorize, flag, or forward your emails if specific conditions are fulfilled. Outlook also features direct integration with Skype and support for add-ons like DocuSign and PayPal.

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