Eight ransomware is the threat that marks files using the contact email in the pattern

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Eight ransomware

Eight ransomware is the cryptovirus that uses a pattern of file marker with victims’ ID and .eight appendix. The .id[XXXXXXXX-2797].[ICQ@HONESTHORSE].eight appears at the end of every encrypted file and indicates files that get affected and no longer can be opened or used as supposed to. Also, after the encryption malware automatically ads the ransom note file in the form of info.txt or the program window with the same name, on the machine, so the victim can read and follow the steps needed for the alleged file recovery. However, this variant of Phobos ransomware claims that paying the ransom is the only solution, and you need to contact them yourself to get additional information. Unfortunately, paying is not the best option, and you shouldn’t consider that as a solution since cybercriminals focus on getting your money instead of worrying about the data and your other belongings. 

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