Eastern European banks lose tens of millions of dollars in Hollywood-style hacks

From zdnet.com

Cyber-criminal gangs are believed to have stolen tens of millions of dollars from at least eight banks in Eastern Europe using tactics usually seen only in Hollywood movies.

These “hacks” consisted of cyber-criminals entering bank offices to inspect and then leave malicious devices connected to the bank’s network.

Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab, which was called to investigate some of these mysterious cyber-heists, says it found three types of devices at central or regional offices at the eight banks it reviewed.

These included cheap laptops, Raspberry Pi boards, or malicious USB thumb drives known as Bash Bunnies.

Kaspersky said hackers left these devices connected to a bank network or computer, and then connected to the rogue device from a remote location using a GPRS, 3G, or LTE modem.

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