Discord CDN and API Abuses Drive Wave of Malware Detections

From threatpost.com

Discord has a malware problem. And although the platform is predominantly used by gamers, it turns out even users who have never interacted with Discord are at risk.

Discord creates servers or specific groups or communities of users who can send voice, text and other media messages between one another quickly.

Researchers say there has been a massive uptick in the number of found Discord malware detections compared to last year. In a report released by Sophos, it claims incidents have jumped 140 times compared to 2020. The primary culprit in the Discord jump is its content delivery network (CDN) and application programming interface (API) – both tools cybercriminals have been abusing.

Discord’s CDN is being abused to host malware, while its API is being leveraged to exfiltrate stolen data and facilitate hacker command-and-control channels, Sophos added.

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