Disaster recovery readiness is essential for hybrid and multi-cloud strategies

From helpnetsecurity.com

disaster recovery readiness

Of the respondents who had implemented a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, which was just over half of the respondent group, 87% considered it to be an important part of their disaster recovery readiness. The ability to shift workloads from one cloud to another was a key factor, with 34% of those who have done so citing disaster recovery as the motivation.

Use of the cloud within a disaster recovery plan offers many benefits, including reliability and cost efficiency, as there is no need to invest in infrastructure that may never be used.

Cloud resources can be offsite, mitigating the risk of a disaster affecting the main office location, and can be accessed (and paid for) only as needed. A multi-cloud disaster recovery strategy offers additional peace of mind that critical systems and data will remain easily accessible when needed.

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