Britain and France assemble diplomats for international agreement on spyware


The United Kingdom and France are to jointly host a diplomatic conference at Lancaster House in London this week to launch a new international agreement addressing “the proliferation of commercial cyber intrusion tools.”

According to the Foreign Office, 35 nations will be represented at the conference, alongside “big tech leaders, legal experts, and human rights defenders,” and the “vendors involved in developing and selling cyber intrusion tools and services.”

A list of the intrusion tool vendors has not yet been made public, although multinational companies including Apple, BAE Systems, Google and Microsoft are confirmed to be among the attendees.

The conference will be opened by U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden announcing “a new international initiative to be signed by participating states and businesses” called the Pall Mall Process.

“Signing the declaration at the conference, states and other attendees will commit to taking joint-action on the issue, including meeting again in Paris in 2025,” the Foreign Office explained.

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