Beagle free visual analytics tool helps bring cybercriminals to justice


A team of researchers is helping law enforcement crack down on email scammers, thanks to a new visual analytics tool that speeds up forensic email investigations and highlights critical links within email data. Email scams are among the most prevalent, insidious forms of cybercrime.

Beagle visual analytics tool

Beagle has 5 main panels: (a) the Interactive Query Panel to specify queries composed of correspondents, keywords and time; (b) the Correspondents Panel to list correspondents and their communication frequency; (c) the Content Panels to display keywords or entities extracted from the emails; (d) the Email Panel to display emails in full detail; (e) the Timeline Panel to show the temporal distribution of the emails. All panels display information conditioned to the current query.

Rental scams, romance scams, and business e-mail compromise scams are rampant, and even the savviest computer users can be duped. Law enforcement has long struggled to prosecute these crimes due to the difficulty of identifying cybercriminals, but several agencies are already deploying the new software to trace the trail of email scammers.

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